General Practitioner

  • Primary health care

It’s the generalized health care provided to the community on which a client just walks in to see his/her Doctor. This excludes specialized care.

  • Emergency Care

Is the provision of medical care/assistance to any acute symptoms/condition of sufficient severity such that the absence of immediate medical attention could reasonably result in putting a patient health in serious jeopady.the service is available without appointment and its available at all times including after hours.

  • Midwifery services:

The risks posed by pregnancy to the health of the woman and baby are real and absolute. However, they may only be relative to our knowledge and ability to address them. It is vital that we utilize all the available resources, knowledge and facilities, to the best of our abilities to provide the best care for pregnant woman to meet the changing demands for quality life.

The quality of Antenatal care is of more significance and relevance rather than the number of visits per se. For instance, it is not just adequate enough to identify the risk through examination or history taking, but of importance is what is done about the risk factors. These services include:

  1. Provision of high quality Antenatal Care by highly qualified Medical officer/midwife
  2. Provision of high quality Post-partum Care
  3. Child Welfare Care:

This includes performing complete physical examination and checking:

–           Child’ weight, temperature, respiration, head circumstance, height

–           Pallor, jaundice, State of hydration and nutritional status

–           Developmental milestones and reflexes

–           Child feeding habits

  1. Provision of family planning care

Providing counseling and information on reproductive health and different types of contraceptives methods e.g. FP pills, Depo provera, IUCD insertion and removal etc

  • Surgical service

This refers to any service which is a procedure or intervention based. Our clinic currently provides minor operations which include but not limited to the following: safe male circumcision, breast lump removal, cauterization, wound care, biopsy etc.

  • Biological monitoring/Routine Health Checks

These include: Blood pressure, random blood sugar, urinalysis, body mass index, cholesterol etc.

  • Vaccinations/immunizations

This refers to a treatment with a vaccine to produce immunity against a yellow fever.


These includes immunizations of the under 5s as well as monitoring the child’s growth (milestone assessment and monthly weight patterns)

  • COUNSELING service

The service is offered to an individual who is undergoing a problem and needs a professional help to overcome it.its a face to face talk that is available on appointment

  • Low T-Clinic (Men’s Health)

Testosterone is a hormone required for male development and sexual function and is produced primarily in the testicles. It gradually decreases with age; but sometimes low testosterone may result in symptoms ranging from low sex drive to depression. A blood test is required to determine the levels of testosterone hence the hormone replacement if the levels are very low.